Case Study

Howard & Howard

Howard & Howard is a national leader in business law, with over 160 attorneys spanning 6 offices. What started as a small SEO engagement, blossomed into a comprehensive digital overhaul.

Keyword Research

Targeting prospective clients and lawyers.


primary keyword targets


increase in keywords on the firstpage of Google’s search results

mergers & acquisitions


business litigation

corporate tax

increase in keywords on the first page of Google’s search results

automotive law

business law

securities litigation



commercial real estate


primary keyword targets

IP lawyer

Keyword Deliverables

Our research informed a site structure that helped increase visibility to practices and industries. Search behaviours in large corporate law consider an array of factors that dictated how thousands of keywords were mapped to onsite content.

Onsite SEO

Technically executed with a nod to brand voice

Onsite Deliverables

We built migration and onsite workbooks that included page-level meta data and a comprehensive redirect strategy. Our hand-written meta data was implemented on every page on the site.  Schema was leveraged on specific data for full visibility of qualified classes.

Art Direction

Personality and purpose.


Big Caslon
Maison Neue

UX Design

Functional and fast in the boardroom.


We structured the experience to get users to their goals efficiently and fluidly. Knowing that many lawyers and prospective clients are multitasking on their mobile phones in meetings, we considered intelligent ways of producing intuitive journeys.


Traffic’s pixel-accurate high-fidelity wireframes helped establish layout, copy, and structural design.  With the help of prototyping tools including InvisionApp, client approvals were collaborative and efficient.

Visual Design

Popping personality with the brand platform.

Design Comps

Traffic’s full color comps were focused on making the personality of each lawyer central to the site experience. We also focused on preserving a lot of the culture that came through in a discovery interviews.


Not your typical head & shoulders.


Being an attorney is a lot about relationships. So we aimed to capture the attorney's personalities opposed to your typical headshot that you see on so many law firm websites. We we able to bring in the entire team from all over the country over several months. With our photographer, Jacob Lewkow, we were able to capture the essence of their personality and still have it look polised and professional.


A comprehensive MODX build.


Howard & Howard needed a website that would help them administer changes efficiently. We devised a back-end architecture that made onboarding a new client or practice area seamless. Our database design was focused on making attributable data shareable between attorneys, services, news and other informative content.

Tech Stack

We went right from Sketch to an HTML/CSS/JS static build. We built the highly functional back-end in MODX after reviewing multiple CMS options with the client. Almost every snippet of content is editable via the back-end architecture that was deployed.


We developed a briefcase feature as a PDF composition tool that allows users the ability to build a docket, much like a shopping cart, for easy content assembly and printing.

Attributable Content

All content is attributable to a lawyer, a practice area, an industry, or a media article. This made the process of developing integrated experiences possible.


The Howard & Howard website fully leverages MODX Revolution. This CMS was the most scalable given the goals of the project from a security, management, and licensing perspective.


increase in organic search traffic after launch


increase in site traffic


increase in ranked keywords